An unexpected diagnosis unravels your life, emotionally and financially.

Navigating this is difficult


MetaParadigm handles planning holistically, so you can focus on what matters—your family.


Sal’s Dedication comes from his own experience.

In 2016, my daughter’s health required my family to radically change the way we approach our financial planning. Addressing needs like this has become the focus of my practice.


Our Financial Planning Approach is as Personal as your DNA

Our holistic approach to your financial wellness includes factoring in healthcare concerns—even using DNA results to inform our strategy.

Providing access to find solutions for:

Holistic Planning

Patient Advocacy

Private Healthcare Navigation

Medical Tourism

DNA Informed Strategies

Biotech Investments


Extended services through executive health navigation

  • Create your medical history summary
  • Private medical visit preparation
  • Assist and facilitate appointments
  • Expedite appointments for labs, imaging, and procedures
  • Ongoing navigation calls
  • Direct calls on your behalf to providers, ER, UCC, or Inpatient Nursing Station

MetaParadigm has invented a search engine to provide output related to bioinformatic markers.

United States Patent Application No. 17/865,193; TNW
Ref: 4653-001.NP, Estimated approval: year end 2023

Our approach is backed by decades of experience, extensive research, and a patent-pending process.


We want to see more families find outcomes like we have, more good days, more smiles like this.