Seek a Better Path to Health

Navigating the healthcare system alone can quickly become overwhelming. From lengthy wait times for appointments to mountains of red tape with referrals, the process is often confusing and frustrating. That's where our expertise comes into play…


An unexpected diagnosis unravels your life, emotionally and financially.


Personalized Solutions for Optimal Health

Executive Health Navigation is a specialized service offering private healthcare support and patient advocacy. Our service guarantees privacy, discretion, and access to premier medical care by connecting individuals with the right doctors for their specific health concerns. Tailored for people with complex healthcare needs or those focused on superior health and longevity, we help facilitate effective maneuvering through the healthcare system.

*Executive Health Navigation is a resource available to MetaParadigm Wealth Management Clients.  It is not otherwise affiliated with MetaParadigm, The Strategic Financial Alliance, Inc. or Strategic Blueprint, LLC.

Sal’s Dedication comes from his own experience.

In 2016, my daughter’s health required my family to radically change the way we approach our financial planning. Addressing needs like this has become the focus of my practice.


"We’re dedicated to helping families experience outcomes similar to ours: more good days, more smiles like this.”


Take the first step towards your goals. Join us at Metaparadigm Wealth Management and we’ll navigate this medical journey together, helping you secure options for proper health care and the financial resources to support it.

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