A financial planning strategy as unique as your DNA.

Biotech Investing


Health-Informed Wealth Management

  • Our process begins by analyzing your DNA through a joint meeting with a Genetic Counselor to assess your current and future medical requirements.
  • We then review the impact of your health on your financial well-being.

Biotech Investment Strategy

  • Leveraging insights from your genome, we develop a biotech investment strategy tailored to complement your portfolio.
  • We invest in biotech funds and companies with the potential to address familial health conditions, safeguarding your family for generations.

Client-Centric Investment Approach

  • Prioritizing your interests and your genetic profile, our advisors offer guidance aligned with your overall well-being.
  • We assist clients in securing life insurance and long-term care policies optimized for their medical predispositions.

Join us at MetaParadigm Wealth Management and take the first step towards a future where your health and wealth thrive together.

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